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Deutsche Welle TV, EUROMAXX August 18, 2010

Deutsche Welle TV, EUROMAXX 18. August 2010

Indispensible for collectors, and great fun to look at even if you´re not  a hardcore collector.“  (GOLDMINE-magazine, USA, April 15, 2005)

“…recommendable without hesitation.” (RECORD COLLECTOR, GB, May 2005) “ Record Collector, GB

This is one of those books, YOU are waiting for… Absolutely a book I can recommend.” (BEATLES Unlimited Magazine, NL, May/June 2005)

Christoph Maus‘ BEATLES WORLDWIDE (An Anthology of Original LP- Releases) is true EYE CANDY for Beatles fans. Although I already knew that several different countries had their own versions of Beatles albums (taking liberties with cover artwork AND song selection) – I simply had no idea that there were THIS many versions and enough to fill a book! …full article
(EARCANDY -The Eclectic, Internet music magazin)

„Beatles Worldwide II: An Anthology of Original Singles & EP-Releases“ follows the same format as „Beatles Worldwide I“ (which concentrated on album releases) by giving you an exhaustive look at the multitude of Beatles 45 rpm’s and EP’s that were released around the world. Of course the ’60s were a unique time in rock ’n roll – not only for the music itself, but the fact that record companies around the world had a carte blanche to release records by bands using whatever packaging and song order they liked! As we saw in „Beatles Worldwide I“, Beatles albums around the world were released with some pretty interesting variations of not only pictures and graphics used and some bizarre couplings of songs (The Venezuela „Helter Skelter“/Honey Pie“ single). This modus operandi also applied to the 45-rpm format. And a lot of times simply economics played a role in releases, as some countries would split up an entire album on EP’s – that way, you could buy the whole album in „installments“. ...full article (EARCANDY -The Eclectic, Internet music magazine)

Die Zielgruppe: Sammler sowieso und Leute, die schon Beatles Bücher gelesen haben und nun in die Tiefe gehen wollen.  (NDR  90,3, Hamburg, 17.August 2010- Auschnitt aus der Sendung „Abendjournal“) 

“…Fazit: Christoph Maus ist ein Volltreffer gelungen, dessen Infofülle und optischer Reiz die Bestnote “1” verdient und der jeden einzelnen Cent wert ist.” (GOOD TIMES (Musik der 60er bis 80er), Deutschland, Feb/März 2005) Good Times, GER

BEATLES WORLDWIDE ist eines dieser wunderbaren Lexika geworden, die nicht nur etwas für das Wissen des Sammlers tun, sondern deren Inhalt darüber hinaus das Auge anregt und das ist es, was den 372 Seiten starken Band zu einem Buch macht, das eigentlich in keinem Buchschrank eines Fans fehlen darf.” (OLDIE-MARKT, Deutschland, Mai 2005) Oldiemarkt, GER