WELCOME TO THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF MAUS AMOON SUNWRITERS A German /Spanish Pop Duo that consists of Christoph Maus (Vocals, Guitar) and Pablo Amoon (Guitar/Piano) - Catchy and charming Tunes with BritPop/´60s influences and Hit Potential- - Sincere, often romantic Pop Ballads- - That´s what we play! Click on the record covers below and listen to seven of our songs,  some of them accompanied by Bass and Drums. ENJOY! Contact the artists: maus@maus-of-music.com Please visit also www.maus-of-music.com Links to MAUS OF MUSIC Books: beatles-worldwide.com rollingstones-worldwide.com bobdylan-worldwide.com der-papagei-aus-paraguay.de maus-amoon sunwriters