WELCOME TO THE  MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF SINGER/ SONGWRITER/ARRANGER CHRISTOPH MAUS As MAUS OF MUSIC, and with the help of musical friends,  he has recorded a bundle of songs in 2017, that are now available on two thick black vinyl 12“ records THE POP SINGLES Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Links to MAUS OF MUSIC Books: beatles-worldwide.com rollingstones-worldwide.com bobdylan-worldwide.com der-papagei-aus-paraguay.de Impressum Record Store Day 2018                                         LP- LIVE-CONCERT PRESENTATIONS with 6-piece-Band (Voc/Git/Bass/Dr./Keyb./Trumpet) 2. November 2018 - Milchketten TonStudio, Hamburg,-Fuhlsbüttel 20.00 8. November 2018 - INDRA Club, Hamburg-St.Pauli, 20.00 9. November 2018 - MBC, Hamburg-Schanze, 21.30  www.mausofmusic.bandcamp.com    contact: maus@maus-of-music.com Please visit also www.maus-of-music/sunwriters Aural Pop Sculptures of great diversity“ he calls them  „Consistently unique!“, the German Rock Magazine ECLIPSED calls them. MAUS OF MUSIC arranged them by using a palette of many musical pop colours and styles, ranging from charming simplicity , storytelling and Beatelish tunes to multi-layered eccentricities and soundscape complexities. Click on the LP front covers below for more information and song examples. ENJOY!